About DNEA

Dermatology Nurse Education Australia (DNEA) Pty Ltd was established in 2013 by Jan Riley and Helen Rothenbuhler.  DNEA intends to develop and promote dermatology nursing education supportive of evidence based practice  building dermatology nursing clinical expertise enabling best care for patients with skin conditions.

We know that nurses with dermatology specialty education can support and educate patients with acute and chronic inflammatory skin diseases, like psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.  This enhances self-management. As characterised by our boomerang logo concept, we view the education that we offer as an exchange – the giving out as teaching and returning as increased understanding and learning.

As experienced dermatology nurses, we have identified the importance of establishing minimum knowledge and skill levels essential to underpin specific dermatology standards for Australian nurses. Our education provides a framework supportive of Australian nursing standards and current global dermatology best practice.


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DNEA aims to:

Provide accessible dermatology nursing education

equivalent to international standards.

Extend the Australian “footprint”

within international Dermatology nurse education.

Establish dermatology nurse education

that is transportable into diverse clinical areas and across “nurse/carer” roles – RN, EN, care positions in home/community care packages.

Develop and set an Australian expectation of competency based knowledge and skill within the specialty.

This would continue to move dermatology nurse education toward a more reflective, documented and formalised process.

Establish a profile in strategic planning

of Australian skin care services.